Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Dogs Allowed!

This weekend, I had planned to camp and ride a CMO at Lake Elmo Park Reserve. I made reservations a few weeks ago, and was going to ride with my Icey friends.

My dogs have never been to a kennel ...or away from home. When Dan and I go on holiday, we get a house sitter to care for the dogs and ponies.

And when I camp...I always take my girls, so it has never been an issue. Until now.

The girls, Lucy and Molly were going to stay home with Dan, he was going to "baby-sit".

This coming weekend was Dan's scheduled weekend off work, but he was forced into overtime. So, he is not able to be home, as he works 12 hour shifts and with the commute is gone 14-15 hours from home.

There is no way that I can leave the girls home alone with out a potty break for that amount of time.

So, I had to call my Icey friends to let them know that I can not join them at Lake Elmo.


IMHO.....the No Pets rule at Lake Elmo is dumb. DUMB!!

Ice Pony Girl

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  1. WHAT?! My inlaws "camp" in their 30+ foot trailer, and nearly everyone in their circle of "camping" friends has a dog or two that comes along. I truly am shocked that there's a campground that excludes dogs. Sorry you missed your trip, but HRMPH!


WOW! Thanks, you made my day! Doggie & Pony kisses sent! Please come back....real soon.