Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Barn Smells Like Summer

We got our year's supply of hay! 125 beautiful green squares!

With the left over hay from last year, we'll have 179 on hand. Thank you Gloria, my Hay Lady!

Here's my hay stackers, my hubby Dan and Lucy Bear, our Aussie Kelpie. She loves barn work!

This is the silly pose I got when I asked Dan to stand next to the hay stack for a photo. HAHA!

Did I mention that I am allergic to hay! Yea...really...I am and a little bit to horses, lots to cats.

Here's the beginnings of hives. Itching...itching....itching!

Thank you Dan for stacking the hay, I love ya!

The barn smells like summer.

Ice Pony Girl

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  1. That will feed the piggies for a while!

    Being alergic has a plus side: you dont have to handle all that heavy hay all the time! :D


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