Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tell the NFL to say NO to Michael Vick - LONG POST !

I am sure you all have heard that Michael Vick was release from prison and now he wants to play professional football again.

I urge you all to contact NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and ask him to say NO to Michael Vick. His email address is

NFL Public Relations at (212) 450-2000.

I won't post photos and news stories about the horrors that Vick imposed on many poor dogs. You can Google Vick Dog Fighting for more info, photos,video, etc. Warning....very graphic.

I do however what to share with you a heartwarming story about two beagles owned by my friend Dawn S. and her family. They rescued these two lost souls from Virginia Beach SPCA.

Warning tissue alert!

Archey and Mabel Rose

Hello All,

The pic that comes up on my profile was my beagle mix I had for eight years, his name was Joey and he passed away 2 years ago due to a disease he picked up overseas at the time we were in the military. We did everything we could to save him but his liver and kidneys were shutting down and we had to let his go in peace. Since his death I was not able to even look at another dog for there was no other dog like Joey.

But my animal heart got lonely and I missed having a dog with me. So 6 months after his death I was ready to walk into the Virginia Beach SPCA and look. My heart got bigger and a smile came over my face like I was right where I belonged that day.

As I was saying hello to every dog in the kennel, one looked at me and turned away. He was on his cot far from the other dog in the cage and away from people. So I went behind the kennel and got on my knees and told him it was ok, to come here, after many attempts he did. He was scared and so sweet!!

I asked the volunteer if I could spend some time with him in the private room. So I sat on the floor with my husband and son and he was placed on my lap. He was shaking and would flinch every time someone would move to quickly. But he just laid there and I was hoping he trusted me.

After about 30 mins (I knew in 5) that we were suppose to be together I had to have him. I knew I could love him. So the volunteer came and said to us that the other dog in the cage that were placed together were just put in today together and that they were the only ones that got along so well.

So the SPCA had so many other dogs that these dogs were pretty much buy one dog get another dog. She still had to be spayed and you could tell that she had had a litter before. So after much discussion with my husband about 2 dogs now, we fell in love with them that day in that little yellow room.

So after we told the volunteers we wanted them both, they went to get the paper work, but another lady came instead and as we were filling out the application she asked if we wanted to know the history of these dogs. We said of course. She then replies and tells us that they came from the "Micheal Vick land".

I was speechless and looked at them and I cried in the inside, my heart broke. The volunteer then asked if we still wanted to adopt them. My husband and I looked at each other without saying a word, it felt like forever but he could see it in my eyes that I needed them just as much as they needed us. We said yes without hesitation, they needed love like never before. We were not, could not leave them now, and we didn't.

We took him home, Archey (male beagle) the next day, I have never seen a dog so scared in my whole life. This was the first time his paws touched carpet, or had his own fluffy dog bed, the first time he has had many first. I can't even describe to to whom ever is reading this the hurt the anger the disgust that I felt for the "person and people" who could have ever done anything to these sweet sweet dogs. He was so scared and timed that anytime you would approach him he would want to run and hide and be left alone. We gave him his space knowing that we would be getting Mabel (female beagle) the next morning. He stayed in the corner all night, didn't want to go outside to use the bathroom or even eat or drink. So we left him alone so he could wonder around without being "followed". The next morning we woke up to a half eaten bowl of food and dog accidents on the carpet. He knew no better, but to take him outside we had to put a leash on him and physically take him outside. (It is a fenced in yard). We thought he wanted to do his business alone.

My son and I got ready to pic up Mabel from her surgery, and Archey could smell exactly where we were and didn't want to go back inside of the SPCA. But once he got in and saw his friend Mabel, his little tail started to wag and right there I knew that they had to have each other.

We got home and they were and still are attached to each other. They mostly never leave each others side. We joke and say we should have named them 'Ying and Yang" cause that is what they look like laying together on there bed.

These poor dogs have never had attention, love or really any kind of loving care. (except in the SPCA). We knew what was in store for us. We have now had them for almost 2 years. The first year was having them trust us!!! Teaching them to use the bathroom outside, pretty much teaching them how to be a dog. Still to this day, Archey is still very timed and scared, but he does know that he is loved. He runs upstairs and hides in my closet if he sees something in your hand as your walking, and I mean anything!!!!

Mabel on the other hand has opened her heart fully to us. She trust us and howls, barks and gives us kisses whenever we want. Archey still needs time and we will give him as much time as he needs. We will never stop loving and spoiling these precious dogs that we met one day in a little yellow room.

So now that you have read this I believe you know exactly how I feel about M.Vick. A lot of people had no idea that he even had beagles on his land, but he did and he had 9. I will not go into why or what they needed beagles for. I'm sure you understand.

So please go ahead and tell this story to anyone, I have. I have even wrote to the president of the NFL, petitions that I find on the internet and some that friends have started because they have been around my dogs and the first thing you see from any of them or who has ever met my dogs, is their heads moving side to side like how could any human being do this to these animals.

I never want to see a smile on Vicks face, He did not get enough time with his punishment. I say this cause I am here everyday looking into my dogs eyes and wishing I could take all those bad memories out of there heads.

How can they/him do this to these dogs and to say your sorry, your not sorry about what you did, your sorry cause you got caught!! I hate him for what he did to all those dogs. And for those of you do not know me, I am not a "hate"person. If he does go back to the NFL, I hope his days there are thrown to the dogs.

Thank you for reading this.
Dawn S.
Love your animal, cause they love you.

After reading Archey and Mabel Rose's story, you will see why it's so important to contact the NFL.

Please sign the petition to Ban Michael Vick from the NFL-Permanently. Click here!

Please do this....for the dogs!

Archey and Mabel Rose, safe and sound in their forever home!

Thank you very much!

Ice Pony Girl and DOG LOVER


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Raven. You are so great about sharing info on the world of beagles, and I appreciate knowing you for all that you do straight from your loving soul!!

    Love & Light...

  2. Thanks so much for the information. I've just been silently fuming about him coming back to the NFL--taking action is a much better idea.


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