Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wolf? Fox? Coyote?

All furry, all four legged and maybe in my neighborhood.

I had a friend over today who wanted to remove an old playhouse that I have on my property, as she is in need of a tack shed at her ranch. I have a cute little older play house that was built by the family who built my home, it was built for their six children.

She came over with a few freinds who were hoping to lift the play house onto some skids and slide it up on a flatbed trailer. But, her freinds thought the playhouse would fall apart, so she decided not to take it.

After she left, I headed over to my neighbors Bill and Susan's place... to chat with them. Susan is a master gardener and she walked back over to my place as I had some questions on a few things that are growing in my horse pasture. Susan was not sure what they were, she reminded me that she's a master gardener and not a weed specialist. HA!

I'll have to take a few photos of the "weeds" and post them here for you. Maybe I'll get some info from you.

Anywho, while chatting with Susan, she mentioned they had seen a large dog-like animal crossing from her place to mine.

She said it looked like a very large fox, small coyote and maybe even a small wolf.




All four legged, all furry and all ... I think...kinda cute.

I'm not worried about my ponies, as we have lots of other small critters "in-the-hood", for the dog-like beasties to eat. But, they best stay away from my barn cats!

Susan also mention that she had seen the black bear that my other neighbor saw at his bird feeder about a month ago.

Foxes, coyotoes, wolves and bears ...oh my!

Add that to the current mix of wildlife in my yard and pasture, it's a downright zoo.

I love it!

Hum...back to the Play House. I may need to find some paint and doll it up a bit.

Don't forget to fill the bird feeder!

Ice Pony Girl

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  1. Oh wow!!! All that wildlife in your own back yard. Maybe they could have the play house.xx


WOW! Thanks, you made my day! Doggie & Pony kisses sent! Please come back....real soon.