Monday, June 29, 2009

Speak Out Against the Mongal Derby

Please take the time to speak out against the Mongol Derby.

Keep in mind these horses are so small, they are usually ridden by 10 yr old jockey nomad boys.

For size comparisons......look at the photos below. Horse next to 5'5" adult man.

Next to child jockey.

They are small ponies!

In the Mongal Derby these little horses, ponies..really will be ridden by large westerners.

The Mongol Derby terrain. Unforgiving land for both humans and ponies being pushed beyond their limit.

Fears voiced over 1000km Mongolian horse race. For story, please click here!

Equestrian Exploration and Endurance Leaders condemn world’s largest unethical horse race.

Please contact the below persons and ask them not to support the Mogol Derby.

Mattie Pattinson, plans on riding this derby. Her email is

Sabine Ullmann, owner of Barefoot Saddle Company. Sabine has donated all the saddles for this race. Her mail is

Horseland Products have donated products that will be used in the Mogol Derby. Their email is

Hurford Salvi Carr Property Management company located in London has provided sponsorship. Please contact their top management personal at the emails below.

Julian Lewin at

Phin Twiselton at

David Salvi at

Paul Driscoll at

Marco Fugaccia at

Lisa Mason at

Lesley Moran at

Sebastian Sookermany at


Thank you,

Ice Pony Girl

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