Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dogs Saved from a Burning Horse Trailer

Kudos to my friends Deborah & Lee and Becky & Nelson for saving two dogs from a burning horse trailer!!While camping at Wildcat Mountain State Park in Wisconsin, they pulled two little dogs from a burning horse trailer, and saved their lives.

The two saved little dogs were a Chihuahua and a Corgi.

Deborah crawled and reached through one of the trailer windows (doors were locked), called the dogs to her and pulled them out.

This is Crickett, the Corgi

Here's a bit of the story from Becky:

"Raven - here's the one dog, Crickett and the trailer. The front part is where we rescued them from the living quarters section. We really just got them out in the nick of time. It was kind of like God orchestrated the whole thing, for whatever His reason was. The night before, we met the people and their dogs - especially the Corgi, Crickett, because our Corgi just died. So, we paid attention to where those dogs lived and which people they went with.
The next morning, Debra was mentally just noticing windows in rigs and how some slide from side to side and some opened like slats. After our ride that last day, I kind of wanted to do one more loop which would have added a half hour to the ride, but Nelson stressed that we needed to work the next day and really ought to be packing up. Had we gone for that extra loop, no one in the campground would have known that there were dogs inside that camper.
When Nelson and I ran over to the burning camper, Debra just followed, not knowing why we were running to a burning camper like that. We checked the doors where we would have kept our dogs, but when Debra learned there were dogs inside, she immediately thought of the living quarters where SHE keep her dogs. And, since she had been studying windows that morning, she was prepared. Debra just touched the screen and it fell away, and Pee Wee leaped into her arms. She couldn't see the other dog and didn't remember her name. Since I had Corgi on the brain, I knew it was Crickett and so we called for her - a little chubby, so as Debra tried to get the body through and commented that we were running out of time, I tried to push the windows slats a little wider. She pulled the Corgi through and I swear her fur was smoking a little bit. We ran a ways away with the dogs and Nelson told us to turn around - there where Debra had pulled the dogs out, the window was FULLY engulfed in flames.
It was quite a scene. Those poor people - funny that we got the dogs' names and not the people's!!"

Here's more photos:

The owners thought that maybe it was the fridge may have started the fire.

I think it was Becky and Nelson's "Little Angel Corgi" directing them to these folks and their little dogs.

I hope the trailer owners are able to replace their trailer. So happy that their little dogs were saved!


Go hug your doggies!!

Ice Pony Girl


  1. Those are lucky dogs and some really good samaritans. A happy ending for all!

  2. That is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!


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