Sunday, June 13, 2010

Barney is Home !!!!


Barney was the $200 Tennessee Walking Horse for sale in OHIO, he's family no longer wanted him.

A young NJ family traveled to meet him, they fell in love with him. A band of Angels including Lisa Gordon of Frog Pond Draft Rescue made this fairy tale come true enjoy.

Barney made it around 4:30 according to description on one of the photos. I'm sitting here sniffling looking at them, here's this guy.... not 20...but more like 30, way way too skinny (although he's put on weight since Lisa picked him up) whisked from Ohio to NJ. He meets his new family in the wee hours this am and one of them looks like a fairy princess. And to my sentimental sappy eyes this am, I think we helped reunite two special souls,. Anybody else see it??


Many many thanks to all who made this reunion (for I believe it is) possible.

Whatever happens today in my life - it started off with a soul resounding goodness :)

Rescue a a life!

Going out to hug my ponies!

Ice Pony Girl

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