Friday, October 2, 2009

Put an End to Puppy Mills in Wisconsin

Please help put an end to puppy mills in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's state motto is "Escape to Wisconsin". But for thousands of Wisconsin dogs, there is no escape from the horrid, inhumane conditions that they are forced to endure their entire lives.

While the below video took place in Texas, please keep in mind that this also happens in the State of Wisconsin.

Life for a puppy mill dog.............

Living in wire cages, barely large enough to allow a dog to fully stand upright.

Wire cage bottoms where delicate paws and legs are trapped and ripped off.

Extreme cold and heat conditions.

Lack of food.

Lack of water.

Lack of exercise.

Lack of proper veterinary care.

Vocal cords ripped out by breeders with pipes, or other metal items.

Forced to live in overcrowded deplorable conditions.

Force to have litter, after litter, after litter, after litter, after litter, after litter, after litter, until they can no longer reproduced! Then they are dropped off at kill shelters, dumped on roadsides, left to starve to death, or taken out behind the barn to be shot.

But, worst of all, these poor dogs never know the "kind touch of a human" nor are they "loved"!!!

What can you do to help?

Do not buy your next pet. Rescue your next pet and save a life.

Do not buy from a pet store.

Contact your State Legislator and ask them to support bill AB-250/SB-208, known as Puppy Mill Law.

This is a law intended to regulate the commercial sales and raising of animals. It imposes reasonable restrictions and a licensing system for people who raise pets for a living.

Please tell a friend about the Puppy Mill Law, AB-250/SB-208. Ask your legislators to support the bill. To contact your legislator, please click HERE.

For more info on Puppy Mills, please visit the site below:

Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project

The Puppy Mill Truck

Uppity Wisconsin, has link to more puppy mill news and updates.

Please do this for the Dogs.

Ice Pony Girl

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