Wednesday, September 30, 2009

China Dog Culling

Chinese woman begging police not to kill her beloved friend.....her dog.

"Dogs culls are not unique to China. The culls are carried out usually by teams of people chasing down and beating dogs to death with heavy sticks. It is horrific, of course, archaic and terribly cruel. The fear and suffering of the dogs is unimaginable."

What the hell is wrong with this country?

No respect for human nor animal life.

How so very fucking sad!

Really upsets me!


Animals Asia recommends that it is more effective for you to write a personal letter to the "Chinese Ambassador and send it to the main embassy address in your country. Embassy addresses can be found here

Explain, politely but firmly, that the policy is cruel, heartless and ineffective, and paints the people and government of Qinghuangdao in a very poor light.

Urge the Chinese authorities to persuade the Qinghuangdao City government to abandon this policy of killing dogs taller than 35cm high. Please urge the authorities to allow dog owners to keep the dogs they already have and allow them to live out their natural lives.

Please give your pets a hug from me!

Ice Pony Girl

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