Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Photos

Over Labor Day weekend, I met freinds at Hay Creek State Forest in Red Wing, MN. We had such a wonderful weekend. Riding, camping, driving and giggling non-stop!

Sherry and Raven

Sherry's hubby cooked dinner one night, Kraig makes the best burgers. He's a great camp cook.

The weather was perfect! Chilly!! Great for the ponies.

Had fun driving Dixie all weekend, what a hoot that is!

I do need to upload my videos, she's so darn cute. Dixie had fun driving with Margie's 14 hand WelshX pony mares and Sherry's 12 hand Hackney pony mare. Saturday night, we drove to Dressen's Saloon which has a horse campground,as well as a people campground, everyone loved seeing our three carts. It was a hoot.

Great fun...great friends.

Anywho, to see all the photos, please click HERE!

Ice Pony Girl

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  1. Those horses are BEAUTIFUL!! And your beagle is adorable! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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