Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hay Meadow Flowage

Another wonderful weekend trail riding and horse camping!

We headed out to Hay Meadow Flowage, Chippewa County Forest in the Bloomer, Wisconsin area. The old map shows only about 9 miles of trails, but there are close to 20 miles of beautiful trails. As well as lots of mountain bike and ATV trails. We saw many ATV's, but no mountain bikes. BTW....they have their own trails!

We had planned on doing a CMO, but it was just not to be. My riding pals decided that they wanted to trail ride instead. On Saturday, we rode and rode. FUN! Steve's new horse Gypsy did awesome! I think she has a crush on Huginn. <:O]

We were however able to get the Saturday CMO map and used it on Sunday to find a few plates. Dawn and Rosie got to try out their compa
ss skills. The plate is hidden by pony boy's forelock.

I drove Dixie on Saturday, Dawn came along. What a workout that was for mini Dixie. The gravel roads were very rolling, steep in a few places with deep loose gravel. We had to get out of the mini cart a few times to make it a bit easier for Dixie to get up the grades. Her little legs were just a workin'.

OH!!!!! While driving to the horse camp, I almost hit a young black bear! It was about 50lbs, and a cute little ball of black fur making it's way across the camp road.♠

Saturday afternoon, I met the nicest couple, Jeanne and Mike. They are members of the Midwest Trail Gaiters, a gaited horse saddle club. I have been meaning to join this club for a few years now, I guess I best get my membership application filled out. It's so much fun to ride with other gaited horses and move out on the trail.

For more trip photos, please click HERE!

We had a wonderful weekend!

Ice Pony Girl

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  1. Sounds like a great time. You do have a lot of fun with your horses.


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