Friday, August 14, 2009

Please help save a Beagle's life!

Please help save a Beagle's life!

It's that time again - the Cascade Beagle Rescue West calendar contest!

Help celebrate Cascade Beagle Rescue West's 5th anniversary in 2010.

This calendar proves to be bigger and better than ever!

If you'd like to enter a photo of your cute and cuddly beagle, please click HERE!

Don't have a beagle? Not to worry!!

There are many ways that you can help support Cascade Beagle Rescue.

You can sponsor a beagle!

You can make a donation! No matter how will help to save a beagle.

You can bid on one of the CBR Auction items!

You can buy CBR gear!

YOU CAN VOLUNTEER!!! Your time is very valuable!!!

Did I mention that Cascade Beagle Rescue is my favorite rescue agency.


Ice Pony Girl & Dog Lover

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  1. Just entered Miles' picture to CBRW. Here's hoping he becomes a 'published' pet. He's already a pampered pet ;)

    Great fundraiser for the society. Thanks for sharing the info.


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