Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love Heaven Sent

Lunch and a great read!

"Postcards" by T.Faron is a lovely book that shows us that love, no matter how much time it everlasting.

When Sara and Ryan met, they had no idea that they had been searching for each other. Their love gave them the strength to recover from heart breaks, and most of all it gave Sara the strength she needed to face her greatest fear. But, this was not just a love story, it was a love triangle. Between a man, a woman and a beagle named Molly.

I enjoyed how T. Faron let us peeked into the every day life of Ryan, Sara and Molly. Sara saw the depth of Ryan's love with his simple gestures; a special bone for Molly, letters, roses and postcards from heaven.

Love stories are usually not my first choice to read, but this one caught me and I couldn't put it down until I read the last sentence.

"Postcards" is a book that will be enjoyed by all for it's message of love, hope and dreams.

As with all of this author's books, Postcards will leave you wishing for another chapter.

Looking forward to the next book!

You can find "Postcards" at, please click HERE!

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