Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hand is Doing Well

I had another hand procedure done yesterday. Doc took the K wires (pins) out. I guess my tendons was rubbing on them and I was risking puncturing my tendons.


I really hate going into surgery.

Hate the crap they give you to knock you out. Hate the smells in there, hate the chill in the air, hate waking up sick to my stomach. The whole thing just plain scares the hell out of me.

Why is it that they always say "You're going to like how you feel" when they give you the crap to knock you out?


I guess that is why I do not drink nor do drugs, I do not like that "oozy out of this world feeling"... no thanks!

The staff at Regions in Hastings was wonderful and my doc chatted with me about barrel racing before the procedure. It's good to have a horse lover and owner for a surgeon, he understands how important it is to get "back into the saddle". My doc's weekend up in Fergus Falls running cans was fun for him and his son.

When I got home yesterday from the hospital, my hand was hurting just a bit, but I was sick to my stomach. Yucky....I hate throwing up and being doped up.

Today, I feel much better! And the pain is bearable. No need for the drugs that they sent home with me. Guess, I toss them away.

Oh...I didn't get much sleep last nite, it was storming bad. Lots of lightening and very loud, bed shaking thunder. My girl doggies, Lucy and Molly were very scared. They both crawled onto me to snuggle and it's hard to breath with 80 lbs of doggies on top. HA!

Y'all take care!

Ice Pony Girl


  1. Sending healing vibes your way. I don't like that wooooozy feeling either...

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