Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Day - Jan. 12, 2009

It is cold only in the Midwest? Boy...I'm just tire of winter!

My drive to work is usually easy; 28 miles and 20 of them are highway. Traffic...not bad. About 5 times during the year, the traffic on Hwy 94 may be backed up due to an accident or weather related. was a combination of snow and black ice. Did I mention that I hate winter? I do!

Look at all those damm tail lights! This is the St.Croix River bridge from Wisconsin into Minnesota.

15 miles per hour...I'm gonna be late for work!

I decided to get off at the first exist off the bridge in hopes that it would save me some time.

I was blessed with this view.

I did gain a few minutes...but then lost them when I stopped for a cup of hot coco with a shot of razz. YUMMY!

After work I went to the see Doc Sweeney to get my tooth repaired. The tooth that was broken during my hand surgery.

Being silly....with numb lips!

$500.00 crown was in.

This is me on the way to meet a few girlfriends, my lips and left side of my face were still NUMB.
Just being silly....trying to get some feeling back into my face.

Okay...lips were numb for most of the evening.

All in was a great day! It ended giggle at a coffee shop with my girlfriends Chris and Jean.

What "made" your


  1. How did you break your tooth during arm surgery??

  2. terribly cold here too, and we wouldn't let our beagle go for a walk today for the first time ever---just too cold for her!

  3. Hi Gail...they broke the tooth when they intubated me. >;p]

  4. It is 10 degrees here in Boston right now. It was 3 degrees this morning when we got up. Just TOO COLD.

  5. You sound like someone I could have a blast with! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Was it the scent of a beagle that drew you there???

    Stay warm. Spring will come soon!!!

    Thanks again for visiting. I do like visitors.


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