Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dogs On Thursday - New Toys

It funny...but my girls Lucy and Molly always seem to know when I have a "new toy" for them. In these photos, I came home with my handbag, mail and a shopping bag.

They KNEW that there were new toys in the shopping bag.....HOW?

What I love most about these photos, is that they capture how much joy a $3.99 dog toy can bring to my girls.

Molly tells Lucy "This one's mine! Get your own!"

Crazy beagle ears! LOVE THEM!!!

Best girlfriends.

Molly Macaroni, 9 yr old Beagle and Lucy Bear, 11 yr old Aussie Kelpie

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  1. They do seem to know when there is a toy or treat in a package. I wonder...Are horses like that to? I love those little beagle ears too. Cute pictures!

  2. Oh how cute. It looks like they solved the problem without incident too. :)

  3. Oh what beautiful girls!! Isn't it funny when our pups know we have something for them...Mine do that all the time and they sniff it out too if I have lots of bags :)
    Thanks for stopping by my place!

  4. Isn't it funny - they do seem to know if something is in the bag for them....Robyn

  5. It is funny how they know something is in the bag for them - my Buddy is the same way! Cute pics!

  6. Beagle ears are the best!! They are soooo soft....silky and comforting. I could pet them all day! I love the pictures of your dogs, esp. Molly. Our Beagle Boys are 5 months old, products of our daughter's beagle Melody and the breeder's beagle Brownie. Never a dull moment around here. I have another picture of the boys in November with their hats....they sure look small in that picture! I'm so glad you stopped by to see them in their hats today...since they woke me up to go outside, I decided to check email. :) Time to crawl back into bed for a bit...Spokane is like Wisconsin these days, cold and icy! Have a great day!!


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