Monday, January 12, 2009

For Carman - Life at Star's Rest

This award is for Carmon, who blogs at "Life at Star's Rest"

Carmon, you are a woman of courage and spirit!

You will be in my thoughts on Thursday, as you take your next step in your life's journey.

Bright healing light sent your way!

Your friend,
Ice Pony Girl


  1. I have visted Carmon's post. Her writing is beautiful. She is in my thoughts.
    Did you get my questions?

  2. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love your dogs names! Molly Macaroni--so cute! Like my cats who just seem to get these crazy names based on personality...There's Camilla Ludmilla (Cammie), Halloween Francis Jazz Hands O'Malley (Hally), and Piper McPiperson (Pipey). I'll have to blog about them and explain the names--especially Hally's! I will put you on my blogroll and start following, look forward to reading!


WOW! Thanks, you made my day! Doggie & Pony kisses sent! Please come back....real soon.