Sunday, January 25, 2009

Camera Critters - Jan 25, 2009

My beautiful barn cats

From (L-R) Serafina (mama cat), Raisin (boy twin), Beatrix (girl), and Spot (boy twin).

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  1. That is one neat picture! It's amazing you got all the kitties together like that for a great photo shot! I'm a kitty lover too.

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  2. And you can tell them apart??? What beautys they are indeed!!

  3. HA! I can sorta tell them apart!

    Beatrix (2nd from right) is the smallest one and has white patch on her chest.

    So far Serafina, mama cat is the biggest one.

    The Twins, Raisin and Spot are the same size, but is larger and Spot...has a TINY white spot on his chest.

    Oh...and very shy. <;p]

  4. Gray kitties are my favorite! :-)

  5. Wow, just sitting there all in a row posing. How often does that happen? I'm lucky if I can keep my two in the same room together, let alone decide to post together......and they are from the same litter, you'd think they'd be buds, but not so.

  6. Hi Raising Rainbow,
    I actually lucked out on the cat line up. <;p] I u sally try to always have my camera with me, and that morning was pretty darn cold, so the cats were still snuggled in the hay. Right behind them, I set up the hay bales to make a tiny cat house for them. Anywho, as I came around the corner, they all hopped out of the hay and lined up for the camera. They are so sweet, love to meow and cuddle.


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