Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Girl's Christmas Photos

My beautiful daughter Jenni.....back in 1976.

My beautiful granddaughter Sierra, five months old.

My granddoggie Sandy in the above photo and granddoggie Sera below.

My girl doggies Lucy and Molly.

Bright blessings from our home to Yours!


  1. are Sera and Sandy wolf hybrids? they are beautiful! enjoyed the pics! Merry Xmas!!!

  2. Hi Tina...Sera and Sandy are greyhounds. Cute!

  3. That was my question...are they greyhounds? I love their sleekness. They are wonderfully relaxed.
    Grandchild is beautiful.
    Glad your holiday was filled with those you love.

  4. I do love greyhounds and they are doing what greyhounds do best!


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