Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I VOTED!! How 'bout You?

Got home from work with a HUGE migraine, but I was determined to get my vote out!

So, I tacked up my Icelandic Horse Huginn, and I rode him to KinnicKinnic Township Hall to cast my vote for Barack Obama.

My hubby Dan joined us on his bike.

We had a great ride to the township hall. It's about a 5 mile round trip ride. The weather was almost perfect; it was warm, cloudy and windy. Perfect for Huginn!

Along the way, we bumped into a woman from Germany who was out for a walk. She's one of our new neighbors that we hadn't met yet. She got a giggle out of the fact that I was riding Huginn to the polls and Dan was biking with us. Only in America...she said.

Then we ran into a truck driver who was parked along side the field of corn, he was waiting for the farmer in the huge beautiful John Deere combine who was hard at work bringing in the corn harvest. The truck driver waved and gave us a "thumbs up". The farmer was harvesting the corn field .... behind my hay field.

Click HERE to see a John Deer Combine harvesting corn video. Petty cool...huh?

Once at the township hall, we were greeted with smiles and giggles, as folks walked from their cars into the hall to cast their votes.

A few walked over to ask if I had ridden the pony to vote, few asked about his breed and a few took his photo.

As I walked in to vote, I was proud to be an American and take part of this privilege called voting.

After casting my vote, I walked out and was asked by one of the Vote Observers if the pony tied under the tree was mine. I was proud to say, yes he was.

He asked me why I decided to ride my pony down, I explained to him that I was conserving fuel and that I also wanted to ride my pony Huginn, on this historical day. I wanted Huginn to be part of my memories for this day.

On the way home, we passed lots of drivers heading to the polls, many of them ....smiled and waved.

About a mile from home, we passed a old rattling Ford truck driven by a gentleman and the front seat filled with ...I presume his grandkids. As he slowed down, all the kids scooted forward and lean across the man to peek out the driver's window at the cute pony on the road. That truck was filled with sunshine smiles and little kid's giggles. They all waved at us....as they slowly passed us.

This day is indeed filled with memories. This day is indeed a day that history was made for our country.

I'm proud to be an American! And I am proud of my All American Ice Pony, Huginn!

What memories were made for you today?


  1. Wonderful entry & way to make sure your vote counted!!! And it sure did!! woo hoo!!

  2. Hi Amanda, I saw that you are following my journal so I thought I`d come over and say hello. What a lovely horse, he looks really gentle. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  3. Beautiful horses. It's fun to ride the horse like cowboy to vote which I am able to see in the old movie.

    Anyway you voted for Obama during the presidential election and it is the right decision as most of the Americans.
    He is the first black president of the United States.

    The vertict is that United States has no racial discrimination and I am proud with you all Americans.

    I think people in our country has a very very long long way to go.

  4. I certainly DID vote! (who didn't this year?!) And I bet YOU really caused a stir riding to the polls on Huggin! How FUN!!!

    I just emailed you -- Ella would love to come visit! (my college daughter would love to come too! can THAT be arranged??? LOL!)

  5. I do hope you will drop in and see me but will understand. I was raised in a farm and I loved ridding horses. I had a pony called Tim. It was lonely on that isolated farm but as long as Tim and our Collie were there I eas a happy camper. Beautiful lady and beautiful horse.

  6. Hi. Thanks for visiting. Great pictures, especially your profile pic. I look forward to following your journal.

  7. Voting day was exciting, wasn't it? Thanks for visiting my blog.I look forward to reading your journal.

  8. That sure made an energy saving statement!
    Voting...good for you.

  9. I have seen photos of horses and buggies that were on the main street of my town, but there would be no way to dismount and leave the horse or pony safely today. I live on the East End on Long Island, far enough out of NYC and rural so we are building bike paths everywhere. Perhaps we too should look at equine transportation. I'd like that.

    Enjpyed the post and that purple helmet is a grat fashion statement. Looks good on you!


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